Our road to the Blue Line Family…

I have been married to my hero for over 16 years now. We didn’t start as a LEO family. When I married him he was a farmer. He took a job as a jailer to make more money so I could stay home to raise our children. He started his first job in law enforcement as a jailer one month before our first son was born. After years of working full-time, having two kids and many miles back and forth to the tech he finished his Associates degree. We tried and tried to find a way to get him through the police academy and after years of waiting, our small town department offered to sponsor him.

Part-time work on the road along with working in the jail brought experience until we finally found the place we would become a full-time police family ~Green Bay, WI.

We’ve been through a lot to get where we are today. Our kids have not known anything different. Missed meals, crazy hours, celebrating holidays different than what the calendar says…we’ve seen it all. But through it all we wouldn’t change a thing. The world needs great cops and we have one of the best in our lives.

We are a True Blue Family.

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